Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vegetarian Spy Rice...

I had accumulated a stockpile of rice from meals I made in the past several days. A large container of white and a medium-sized one of brown. Nowadays, what I do with leftover rice is a no-brainer...I make fried rice for the kids. I've never mixed two types of rice together to make it but I figure it could only be the best of both worlds. Brown rice is healthier but I like the lighter, fluffier texture of white rice for this dish. I asked my little boy, who is an Asian food connoisseur, how I should make his "spy rice" tonight. I was thinking of throwing in some of the left over chicken from last night's dinner. That idea was quickly shot down. He said, "I want no chicken just lots and lots of eggs and broccoli too." I was able to bargain in some carrots for his sister. So that is how it become a vegetarian dish.

One of my older posts "Rice is nice...", explains how to make this fried rice. For a meatless version like I did tonight, just substitute the shrimp with more eggs. My hubby and I added Asian chili sauce to ours for more of a kick.

The proof is in the pudding I guess. My son's exact words after taking a few bites were, "I love it, mmm. I love it so, it's so good." Sometimes kids can make the trivial things you do seem like miracles. They are the actual miracles though aren't they?

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