Monday, December 7, 2009

Raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens...

Revol Grands Classiques 12-1/4-Ounce Round Eared Dish

Zevro SmartSpace Countertop 13-Ounce Dry Food Dispenser

Most of us have a problem in common...never enough kitchen storage space! I think I could have my dream kitchen with tons of storage and I'd still run out of room. I've strategically nested bowls into other bowls, stacked plates upon plates up to a foot high, and everything in the cupboards seem like they could potentially fall out with one wrong move. It's like Jenga but without the fun and games. Really I have no business buying anymore serveware, cute mixing bowls or novelty shaped baking pans. But of course I will. I blame companies like Anthropologie for selling the most charming kitchen and dining items that are more display pieces than actually useful. And Amazon for their free shipping and great prices on most things. Here are some of my current favorite things!

From left to right, up to down: 1)Latte Bowls -Set of 6, $30 @ Anthropologie 2)Winterfest Apron, $38 @ Anthropologie (I wish it was a real dress!) 3)Matryoshka Measuring Cups, $28 @ Anthropologie 4)Revol Grands Classiques 12-1/4-Ounce Round Eared Dish, $19.95 each @ Sur La Table (perfect for individual servings of mac & cheeses, gratins or cobblers!!!) 5)Zevro SmartSpace Countertop 13-Ounce Dry Food Dispenser, $29.85 @ (your kids can dispense their own cereal in the morning)

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