Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grilled Cheese and Eggplant Sandwich

Today for lunch I made the yummiest sandwich. It was a grilled cheese with grilled eggplant. I'm trying to eat a couple vegetarian meals a week.
The eggplant was from the frozen grilled veggies package I got at Trader Joe's.
All I had to do was nuke them until they were warm and soak up some of the moisture with a paper towel.
Then I gave them a good sprinkling of sea salt and ground pepper. I placed the eggplant and a couple slices of Havarti cheese on my multigrain sourdough bread.
Topped it off with another slice of bread and grilled it in a pan with some butter until golden brown on both sides. You want to cook the sandwich over pretty low heat for a longer period of time or your bread will burn before your cheese melts.

When it's this good you won't even miss the meat.

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