Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chinese take-in...

To try and cook every single night when you have kids would be insane. Sometimes it's impossible to make a meal from scratch. We try not to eat out too much so keeping a few ready to go meals in the freezer really helps.
The other day, my son and I were at Trader Joe's. They always have someone dishing out samples there. That afternoon it was their version of orange chicken. The kind you would find in a Chinese restaurant. I guess it was pretty good because my boy ate his sample AND mine. So I grabbed a bag out of the frozen foods section to bring home.
Tonight I was short on time so I broke out the bag of orange chicken. My son couldn't have been more excited. You bake it in the oven for 20 minutes and toss in the sauce provided.  Easy. I served it with coconut steamed rice and broccoli. Pretty darn good!

Instead of steamed white rice I made coconut rice. You simply make the rice as you normally do, (I use a rice cooker), add unsweetened coconut milk and enough water to fulfill the remainder of liquid needed to cook that amount of rice. Tonight I used four cups of long-grain white rice and a whole 13.5 oz can of coconut milk. The ratio was perfect.

Tonight's post seems more like a product review. I rarely blog about things I don't cook but Trader Joe's frozen orange chicken is good. Keeping things easy when your life is hectic is really, really good!

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  1. I always get sucked in by the Trader Joe's samples. But the thing is, they are usually really good. :-)

  2. I rarely fight the crowds to get a sample but this one was worth it!

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