Thursday, September 23, 2010

To my beloved friends and readers,

After almost a year of writing Foodism For the Busy Mom, I will be changing my blog's name and address to Foodism Mom, web address: .

The reasons for this change (I know some of you may not enjoy change) are as follows:
  • I do not want to alienate those who are interested in the recipes and blog but may not be parents.  "Foodism For the Busy Mom" sounds too much like it's strictly for moms and not dads or people without children. "Foodism Mom" is a pseudonym I've given myself.
  • I wanted a simple domain name that people could remember without a link or writing it down. Oh, and of course a name that would be its own entity, separate from Blogspot and Google (even though they would still be the engine that runs it).
  • And to be completely honest, this has become more than a hobby for me. I am very passionate and serious about the work I put into this blog. It would be a dream for me to do this as a career. I fantasize about a future in cookbooks, my own line of cookware/housewares, and dare I say...a show! Okay Universe, I put it out there. Besides, it would be hard to fit "Foodism For the Busy Mom" onto the back of a serving spoon. Keeping it short and sweet!
I'm going to wait a couple weeks to take the official leap. I will be posting reminders.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been following me on this journey. The support is everything. You are all the reason why I do it and love doing it.

Affectionately yours,
Erica Long
(Foodism Mom)


    1. Yes!I'm so happy that you are doing this.I can't wait until the day when I can add your cookbook to my collection.Love you. xo

    2. WIll you personally autograph my copy of your cookbook when it comes out?

      And I'd love to be a guest on your cooking show, too. :-)