Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roast Beef, Cucumber and Truffle Butter Sandwich

Life has been a little hectic (in a good way) lately. Being a mom, laughing with my hubby, selling jewelry, hanging out with the most wonderful friends and family. I'm happier than ever.

I've been lagging on my posts though and look forward to being able to focus more time on this blog. I love it so!

So this creation dates back a few weeks ago, on the Royal Wedding day to be exact. I know, I'm so behind. My friend Jane had us over to watch Kate and William get married. In Jane-fashion (she's a chef, mother of two, entertainer extraordinaire and can somehow make anything special), she whipped up some scrumptious scones, hot English tea and other goodies. We were all feeling very regal...even with a bunch of toddlers running around.

When lunch time rolled around that day, I was craving an English cucumber tea sandwich. Here's what I ended up making...

I had some nice panini bread rolls and sliced one in half. Then I spread both sides with some white truffle butter (so glad I keep some in the fridge!). I put down a layer of sliced cucumbers, sprinkled them lightly with sea salt and layered on a bunch of gorgeous roast beef. It was, dare I say, "fit for a king"?


  1. Hi Erica, It's Aileen Paz-Perez, how are you?? This looks so yummy, I wish I had one right now! XOXO to you!